Multiply your sales with our B2B Growth Marketing Bootcamp.

More than 90% of your future clients have not been contacted yet. Learn how to generate volume and quality for your meetings through LinkedIn, email, and video calls. With this Bootcamp, you’ll learn what to do and how to do it yourself.

What you'll learn

Starts April 6

€ 416

100% live and online
8 classes
4 weeks

What will you achieve?

Super entertaining lessons
Money back guarantee
60 days
Learn by doing
(in class!)

Our Instructors

Agile Coach en Ualá Docente DevOps en Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (Arg)

Cuenta con más de 15 años de experiencia en el rubro IT en el sector público y privado. Hace más de 4 años que ayuda a grandes organizaciones en su transformación Ágil -como Scrum Master primero, y como Agile Coach después Trabaja actualmente en Ualá, la Fintech más grande de LATAM y es profesor en la UTN de DevOps, Integración y Agilidad Continua.

About our method

We’re a group of entrepreneurs who, after creating, scale, and selling our startups, dedicate ourselves to helping other businesses scale their growth.

After successfully applying our methods year after year, we’re looking to replicate our knowledge with this Bootcamp that will allow you to identify, contact, and attract dozens of qualified leads from all over the internet.

You’ll learn the secrets to increase your sales in three eight-hour-long sessions!  

More than 50 companies have worked with us in 2020 all over Europe.

Graduated students have successfully scheduled meetings with Uala, Inditex, Mercadona, and Cabify in the past 60 days.

Change the way you contact your potential clients forever. You’ll use the perfect combination of empathy, creativity, and technology tools.

Schedule effective meetings with quality leads for your business in an automated way. Focus on closing the deal.

Content per class

Introducing the concepts of Product Marketing, Buyer Persona, Sales Funnel, and Value Proposition Canvas. All hands-on.
Visually determine how you can fit your client’s needs. Laying out your own empathy map.
How vital is Copywriting in your marketing strategy? Create the perfect content for each contact. Learn how to use A/B testing and constant improvement. Use the model that fits your needs: BAB, PAS, AIDA, FOMO, or a blend.
How automation tools generate leads. You’ll use your acquired skills to make your outbound leads become inbound through specialized strategies.
Learn how to identify the websites where your potential leads are and extract information through Scraping techniques. Get helpful information efficiently and automatically to receive leads 24/7.
Automate contact flows and re-contacting. In this class you’ll learn how to increase the quantity and quality of your leads on your pipeline through a mix of workflows and follow-ups through email.
Integrate all the tools and techniques that you learned along the way on a validated final workflow. After this class, you’ll start getting leads for your business through new channels, getting better every day thanks to A/B Testing techniques.
Show and tell your results live in class. Get feedback from the teachers and your classmates. In this class, we’ll have Growth Hacking experts to help with future strategies in 1:1 meetings.

Why Choose Us

All classes are live and 100% online, in small groups.
We preach constant improvement and actively working every class.
Talk, chat and work with teachers and classmates.
Our classes are carefully managed by Faculty Managers to create a productive environment.
We take the initiative with you and help with creativity and innovation.
Learn by doing. We develop your strategies through all the Bootcamp.

What our students say

Thanks to the continued participation of our community, every day we work to maintain a class score of 4.7 or higher.

We have already trained ...

Implement a validated automated framework to generate meetings in a predictable and scalable way to close new deals.

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